Please update your contact information

We are trying to improve our communication with our homeowners and residents. Please take a couple of minutes to fill out the Update Contact Information form to help us out. Thank you!

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Holiday Parking Reminder

As we are coming up on the holidays, we always see a lot of visitors for parties and celebrations. Please help to make the neighborhood safe for everyone by reminding all your guests to only part on the east side of 83rd Place or on 54th St. If possible please encourage them to car pool. Thank you for being considerate of your neighbors and their guests. Happy Holidays!

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Winterization Reminder

Don’t forget that with cold weather approaching it’s time to winterize. It’s time to turn off the sprinkler at both the timer and the valve out at the street. It’s also a good time to place an insulated cover over your outdoor faucets.

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Garage Reminder

We are continuing to deal with parking issues. Please note no household should have more than two vehicles, one in the garage and one in the driveway in front of the garage. Many of the leased properties are not using their garages as primary parking for one vehicle (per CC&R 5.16) and are trying to park a car in the driveway and one on the street. This neighborhood was never planned for street parking, obvious by the lack of spaces and the size of the curb space available. We would ask that all home owners, including property managers/ landlords, respect the CC&Rs and see that the garage is the primary parking location for one of the vehicles of the household; it is not a storage facility (please rent one!). Using the garage as a storage facility presents a fire hazard to all of us.

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Letter to Residents

Here is a letter to residents from the Board of Directors that will also be mailed out in the billing cycle.

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Proxy Voting Form Now Online

The Proxy Voting Form is now available online. To allow someone else to vote on your behalf at HOA meetings this form must be filled out and on file with the HOA. You can either mail it to the address on the form or you can give it to an HOA board member. The form is available on this website under Documents.

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Fall Newsletter

Our Fall Newsletter is on it’s way out with the next HOA Dues Invoice. It’s also available here.

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Parking Reminder

This is just a friendly reminder that you cannot park in the fire lanes. Parking on the east side of 83rd Place or on the north side of 53rd Way, which extends around the corner to 83rd. Not only is it illegal to park in the fire lanes (the fire marshal has issued tickets here before) but it makes the street more difficult to maneuver and at time blocks people from their own drive ways. Please be considerate of others and only park where it is legal.

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Recycling Carts

We would like to remind people that garbage cans and recycle bins are to be stored in the garage, not outside. The CC&Rs state “Trash, garbage, and other wastes shall be kept only in individual sanitary containers or receptacles. The containers may be placed where visible only on the day of the week that trash pickup is to occur”. For those who are having a hard time fitting the large new recycling carts into the garage you can contact Waste Connections at 360-892-5370. They offer smaller carts than those that have been delivered. For more information visit the following sites:
City of Vancouver: Recycling Cart Sizes
Waste Connections Northwest

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