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Frequently Asked Questions

What day is the landscaper on the property?
The landscaper is on the property every Tuesday. During the winter they come less frequently.

Can I park on the east side of 83rd Place or on the north side of 53rd Way?
Unfortunately NOT. The east side of 83rd Place and the north side of 53rd Way are both fire lanes.  Now that curbs have been prominently painted "red", vehicles found to be parked in the fire lanes will be subject to towing at the Owners' expense.  Residents, please use your garage and driveway for parking.  If you find there is no additional parking for guests, get to know your neighbor to determine if you could possibly utilize their driveway or park in areas that are "NOT" designated a fire lane. 

Can I have a pet?
Cats, Dogs and Household pets (as defined by the HOA board) are allowed as long as they are kept inside the house. Dogs must be kept on a leash when outside. Cats are not permitted to run at large. For more details see the CC&Rs, Article 5.7.

Is the landscaping covered by my HOA Dues?
The landscaping is covered by your HOA dues and is the responsibility of the HOA. The HOA covers all of the front but only mows and edges the back. Sprinkler/Irrigation however is the responsibility of the homeowner. For more information see the CC&Rs, Article 7.3. 

My garbage can / recycle cart is too large, can I get a smaller one?

Can I store my garbage can and recycling cart outside my garage?
Unfortunately NOT. Garbage cans and Recycle carts must be stored in the garage with the exception of Mondays when they are collected. See Article 5.8 of the CC&Rs. Residents who leave out cans longer than 24-hours will be subject to a $25 fine.  

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