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Garage Reminder

We are continuing to deal with parking issues. Please note no household should have more than two vehicles, one in the garage and one in the driveway in front of the garage. Many of the leased properties are not using their garages as primary parking for one vehicle (per CC&R 5.16) and are trying to park a car in the driveway and one on the street. Additionally, please adhere to all City parking ordinances and do not double-park cars in the driveway, blocking the sidewalk. The City Code enforcer has been out ticketing cars. This neighborhood was never planned for street parking, obvious by the lack of spaces and the size of the curb space available. We would ask that all homeowners, including property managers/landlords, respect the CC&Rs and see that the garage is the primary parking location for one of the vehicles of the household; it is not a storage facility (please rent one!). Using the garage as a storage facility presents a fire hazard to all of us.

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